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Hydraulic Rams - Remanufactured

The following is a list of remanufactured hydraulic rams we have in stock. These are units we have either rebuilt or otherwise put into usable condition. Categories are based on the following parameters: Category 1 units have been completely refurbished to like new condition. Category 2 units have been gone through and new parts installed so they perform as designed. Category 3 units have been cleaned and tested to ensure they are in good working order.
Stock No. Model No. Description Category  
   HR-19 R-30H-19 Duff-Norton 30-ton x 14"-stroke Ram    1
   HR-08   Rogers 60-ton x 7.50"-stroke
( single-acting )
   HR-03 WR-15 Enerpac 3/4-ton Spreader    2
   HR-04 WR-15 Enerpac 3/4-ton Spreader    2
   HR-46 WR-5 Enerpac 1-ton Spreader    3
   HR-64 RD4006 Power Team 400-ton x 6"-stroke
Doubling-Acting Ram


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